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New to Dots .... begin with an energy boost.

If you want to find out how energydots will help you then one of the best ways to start is with the bioDOT/smartDOT combination packs.  Enjoy more energy, fewer aches, better sleep and more focus.

Click here for a bioDOT/smartDOT starter pack.

Ideal for adults, including pregnant women and children.  Customers feel the difference. Over the last 15 years our reviewers report:

  • higher energy levels
  • improved performance
  • better sleep
  • fewer headaches
  • greater concentration
  • relief from tension
  • less stress

Which product would help you?

smartDOT: for all your wireless items

bioDOT: for you to wear

spaceDOT: for geopathic stress

aquaDOT: for your water

sleepMAT: for deeper sleep

click on a product to read more!

Concerned about your EMF Exposure?

If you want a simple, affordable, effective solution to improve sleep, energy levels and performance then energydots are for you.

We are surrounded by electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) from our phones, computers, tablets, and wi-Fi.  There is mounting concern that our constant high exposure to these fields affects our sleep patterns, every day performance and could have serious long term health effects.

Double-blind placebo controlled research and the experiences of our many customers demonstrates that energydots can make a positive difference.

energydots™ Performance products are easy to use

  • energydots use Passive Micro Vibrational Technology (PMVT)
  • each DOT is pre-programmed with a mix of highly coherent natural frequencies
  • these highly coherent frequencies boost energy levels, daily performance and support restful deep sleep
  • ideally used as a complete toolkit to support performance



If you would like to read more about our medical thermal imaging and blood microscopy research pictured above, please click here.

Customer Reviews

Good results from this

I have to use my mobile for work and have been getting really bad headaches. My head and ear feel hot and I get a sort of buzzing when I have been talking for a long time. This stopped when I put the smartdot on and I am now much more comfortable when I talk on the phone. I've put the other one on my laptop so am happy that I am more protected.

Review by Jane Howard

Feel so much more comfortable using my phone!

I have always been concerned with the effects of mobile phones and since the increase of international publicity surrounding this issue I knew it was time to solve the issue! The smartdot has helped my feeling of "hot ear" from mobile phones and I now feel comfortable using my phone. Love this product and will be purchasing more in the near future!
Review by Callie

My mats made a huge difference

I've not been sleeping well for a while. I was waking up all the time and feeling restless. I've had my mat for a few weeks now and am definitely sleeping through and sleeping more deeply. I put the smartdot on my wifi router which is just underneath my bedroom and I now have a smartdot on my mobile and I wear a biodot all day. Seems to have made a huge difference to my sleep and my energy.
Review by Goosy

I really feel the energy in the house is calmer and more settled

‘Lucy was incredibly helpful in guiding me to choose the right products for my home and work space. I have been using dots on my electronic equipment and a pyramid in my home, along with a bio band. I really feel the energy in the house is calmer and more settled.

I feel reassured spending longer periods of time working on my laptop and I don’t feel drained after using it as I had before. I recently added a few extra space dots into my home and I have been sleeping so soundly - I really feel they have made a difference.’

Review by Zoe Greenwood - Practitioner

‘I have found that this simple device, placed upon the mobile phone, significantly reduces the electromagnetic effect of the phone on the body.’

Review by Dr Nyjon Eccles BSc MBBS PhD MRCP – Harley Street, London

More energised ...

‘I'm equipping my husband and daughter as well as buying another one for myself. Since I started wearing the bioband I have felt much more energised and haven't had any static shocks from the car - I used to get a really bad static shock every time I touched the car which was very painful, so I'm very impressed with the bioband’
Review by Gretel

Deep, deep sleep

‘I cannot believe the difference in my sleeping since I've had the pyramid in the house! Unreal. I usually only sleep about 6 hours and very light and restless, but its now deep deep sleep! Wow!’

Review by Dr Maryellen Stephens, Westcountry Family Chiropractic

The clinic recommends energyDOTs to clients

‘I use an electroDOT and bioDOT and recommend them to clients’
Review by Dr Stephen Hopwood, Arcturus Clinic

More alertness and energy plus less anxiety

‘Absolutely freaking awesome, for the past 3 years I wake up as if my legs weigh a tonne, no focus for work, constantly tired, but no joke, not even an hour into wearing it, I felt different, as for sleep, wow! It normally takes half an hour to get out of bed, but somehow I woke up when I needed to, got up and I felt amazing, upon getting to work people noticed that I'm much more alert and "alive"

I really can't praise this more, I have so much more energy, and it helps me with anxiety too, I feel like I have blooming super powers! Phi harmonics know their stuff!’

Review by Paul on Amazon

Relief from sciatica pain

‘I put an electroDOT on my phone and miraculously, my sciatica pain disappeared completely, and has not recurred since!’
Review by Phil Tarrant - Super Tanker Captain

Slept all the way through
I couldn't sleep for weeks before BioDot because of heavy metal toxicity, mineral depletion from gut issues and living in a high geopathic stress zone and so was very susceptible to electrosmog and further geopathic stress . The night I wore biodot I slept all the way through and consistently each night after. Thank you so much.
Review by Jacqueline, London

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