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Help Heal The World

Our driving force is a desire to help as many people as possible in what we consider to be a time of great need.  We aim to change lives one dot at a time.

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Janey Loves Winner

Founder of the Janey Loves Platinum Awards. BBC Radio 2 Presenter, Motivational speaker, Award winning Amazon #1 Best selling Author, and twice winner of the Who’s Who Natural Beauty Industry Yearbook, Janey’s mission is to bring Natural and Organic products fully into the mainstream.

Our Skills & Expertise

Our mission is energy excellence.  We live with very high levels of energy interference from our constant exposure to technology.

We are particularly concerned with the children and young people of the world. We live in a sea of electro-pollution and our children are growing up immersed in this toxic environment. They are thought to be more vulnerable to the effects of electro-pollution and they have a longer life time of exposure.  It is vital to limit harm from the electromagnetic radiation which now envelopes us.

Together our aim is to create a worldwide initiative.  We provide wellness solutions for all humanity (and our furry friends) offered within a global business partnership that is run with integrity, warmth and consideration to all parties, at all times, with no exception.

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Having worked in the market of EMF protection for over 10 years, I have built extensive knowledge of the growing issue and the measures needed to counteract the problem. Regularly speaking about the issue of EMF at events and working in conjunction with Jeremy to manufacture products designed to reduce electromagnetic frequencies.

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I have experience and expertise researching and designing modern day solutions alongside practitioners and chiropractors, to supply companies with products for their corporate wellbeing responsibility commitments. Primarily manufacturing products designed to reduce electromagnetic frequencies which cause, fatigue, headaches and lack of concentration to support the modern day work force.