ENERGYDOTS - Meet The Team

Our Team

We currently have a UK Headquarters based in the beautiful rolling Devon countryside.  Our office deals with manufacturing and distribution.  We are a dedicated team who work and play as a united Global EMF Solutions initiative.  All our International Partners are part of this Global family.

The Directors

Jeremy Bentley and Lucy Blyth

Jeremy Bentley - Commercial Director
Lucy Blyth - Managing Director

Global EMF Solutions is jointly owned by Jeremy Bentley Commercial Director and Lucy Blyth Managing Director. We work closely with all our UK and international clients and distributors to provide sales support and expert advice on a daily basis.
Jeremy has 25 years commercial sales experience and a track record of building positive long term business relationships which combine to create success and solid friendships.  With Global he is using his years of experience by specialising in creating simple sales solutions for the modern day healer on the diverse international stage.  He is a natural healer and is passionate about energyDOTs having experienced health issues himself due to EMF exposure and energy interference.
Lucy has a proven background in managing international marketing projects and has spent the last fifteen years researching EMF issues.  She is also a personal trainer, nutritionist and energy healer.  She regularly gives talks at Seminars, Conferences and Exhibitions sharing her knowledge.   She has previously worked for a Global Top Ten brand and has run her own businesses for the last two decades.   

Personal Assistant To the directors

Sophie Bate

Sophie works directly with Jeremy and Lucy and if you have a Trade account with us she is your immediate point of contact. 

Sophie also manages all of our brand work and imaging. If you need any digital images or brand work please contact Sophie and she will help you in anyway she can. or 01803 550 53

Operations Manager

Casey Mitchell

Casey runs all of our order fulfilment, packaging, management, shipping and import/export.

Casey is your point of call for all trade order enquiries or general questions and is also happy to help with your shipping, payment or any other fulfilment enquiry. or 01803 665 626

Marketing & Events Manager

Ollie Bentley

Ollie runs all of our marketing from social media to exhibitions and events. 

Ollie is always happy to help explain the products and recommend what would be best for you. or 01803 665 626

Production Manager


Emma runs our production team, organising stock, stock production and packaging. 

She keeps busy to make sure your orders are ready for you.

Famous Quotes

 "When the ancients discovered 'Phi', they were certain they had stumbled across God's building block for the world."
Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code

"The description of this proportion as Golden or Divine is fitting perhaps because it is seen by many to open the door to a deeper understanding of beauty and spirituality in life. That's an incredible role for one number to play, but then again this one number has played an incredible role in human history and the universe at large"
The Divine Proportion: A Study in Mathematical Beauty by H.E. Huntley

"The wisest and noblest teacher is nature itself."
Leonardo da Vinci

"To the sculptors of classical Greece and Rome, the Divine Proportion was recognized as ideal for the human anatomy."
Bulent Atalay, Math and The Mona Lisa

"All beauty is mathematics"
Ancient Greeks

"(The use of the Divine Proportion)... seem(s) to be incorporated into works of art inadvertently, as a product of the artist's aesthetic intuition. However..., in the case of Leonardo, they are employed after experimentation and applied with full premeditation."
Bulent Atalay, Math and The Mona Lisa

"Math-buffs and math-phobes alike can celebrate the (Divine Proportion's) wonder…you will never again look at a pyramid, pinecone, or Picasso in the same light."
Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code