Upcoming Events

Here you can find a list of our upcoming events and exhibitions, come and see us!

  • Balance Festival

10th-12th May 2019, London, UK

'Workout with leading global fitness experts, sample delicious healthy foods, learn from top wellness gurus, zen out with mindful yogis, heighten your emotional intelligence, discover all the latest forward-thinking brands, and much more.'

  • The Mind Body Spirit Festival

24th-27th May 2019, London, UK

'Mind, Body, Spirit is the ultimate guide to discover the secrets of happiness & wellbeing!'

  • The Allergy + Free From Show

5th-7th July, London, UK

Find us here in July where our Managing Director Lucy will be giving a talk about living life in our wireless world!

'The world’s largest freefrom celebration, where you will find brand new choices for food and drink, plus ground-breaking home products and health solutions. Whether you live with coeliac disease, allergies or intolerances, or simply cut out gluten, wheat, eggs, nuts or dairy (and more!), this event will help you live a better freefrom life.'

If you're interested in booking lucy for a talk on the growing issue of EMF and energy, please see her biography below.

Managing Director
Global EMF Solutions Ltd

Lucy Blyth, Managing Director of Global EMF Solutions Ltd. The company manufactures and markets energyDOTs which are designed to create a world of boundingly colourful wonderful energy.

Lucy is a personal trainer, nutritionist and energy healer.  She works to maximise the benefit of diet, exercise, positive thinking, healing treatments and ‘energy management’.

Energy management means becoming mindful of how we feel and setting the intention to improve how you feel.  With this intention and the right tools you can raise your vibration and then attract a more fulfilling, successful, joyful life.

Central to her work with personal ‘energy management’ is the need to spread the word about the harmful effects of emissions from our much loved gadgets; mobiles, cordless phones, tablets, computers and the ever present wi-fi.

Lucy Blyth July 14