Encoded Pendant - beautiful energy for you

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Encoded pendant neck 2 photo

The Phi Encoded Pendant is a beautiful handmade sterling silver-pendant with a Mother of Pearl face and a Phi bioDOT inset on the reverse. 

Numerology and sacred geometry, encoded around the frame, amplify the transformative energies thereby creating lasting change in the energy field.  Research has shown immediate changes in the energy field and a greater resistance to the effects of man-made electro-magnetic frequencies.  A stronger more balanced energy field supports physical well-being.

Your Phi Pendant can be worn all the time or can be taken off at night and placed on your bedside table.  From there it will continue to help in supporting your body’s energy field and protecting against the harmful effects of distorting energies.

Users who wear a bioDOT report better concentration, improved sleep patterns and higher energy levels. 

The encoded Phi pendant is activated by the bioDOT set into the reverse. The bioDOT’s balancing and strengthening effect in the energy field is amplified by the codes on the front face of the pendant. These codes incorporate the powerful energy generating geometries of the Pyramid, represented by the three points.

how to use an encoded Pendant

Simply wear your encoded pendant throughout the day. If you take the encoded pendant off at night, leave next to you whilst you sleep to still reap the benefits.