How do they work?

  • energydots™ are harmonisers. There are products that offer EMF shielding but this is not the purpose of energydots.
  • the DOT itself is a low power magnet acting as a storage device. Magnets are often used to store information for example a video tape, tape cassette and magnetic stripe on a bank card all act as storage devices.
  • energydots™ use Passive Micro Vibrational Technology.
  • each energydot™ is programmed with a different mix of frequencies depending on their purpose
  • the powerful frequencies held by the energydot™ act like a tuning fork on electromagnetic fields in its immediate environment.
  • for example smartDOT re-tunes man-made EMFs by a process known as the 'principal of entrainment’. Click here to read about entrainment.
  • The human body recognises the re-tuned emissions as being in harmony with its natural healthy state. The body no longer needs to react defensively to emissions from the 'harmonised' device and electro-stress is relieved.

If you would like to know more about how energydots™ work, simply click on the frequently asked questions below.

See frequencies at work in these videos below -