Look After Their Energy

Protect and nurture your little friends with our combination pack consisting of both a petDOT and an aquaDOT.  Animals can be highly sensitive to emissions from our much loved gadgets. Electro-magnetic frequencies constantly bombard them and interfere with their natural energy.
petDOT holds and radiates a nurturing energy signature (phi technology) which strengthens and supports your pets natural energy field - helping your pet stay on top form.

Ideally stick the petDOT on their collar, halter, bridle or any item they wear.

Give Them The Best Water

The quality of water your pet drinks is vital to their health. The energy structure of water is distorted by exposure to electro-magnetic frequencies. The positive natural energy signature that the aquaDOT radiates will refresh the energetic structure of water.

Stick the aquaDOT to your pets water bowl or bucket.