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Place a sleep mat under mattress or pillow. The sleep mat will support your energy field and allow your body to relax into deeper sleep. For all ages babies, children or adults.

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Would you like to sleep deeply and feel more refreshed in the morning? Radiation from wi-Fi and our much loved gadgets interferes with sleep patterns. Keep your sleep mat close and enjoy improved sleep, a sense of calm and greater resilience in today’s challenging environment.

The hidden beauty of the sleep mat is the energyDOT stitched between layers at the centre of the mat. To improve sleep and bring a sense of calm, our organic hand-made, cotton sleep mat contains an energydot at the centre, which holds and continuously emits soothing natural energy. It encourages your brain waves to slow from alpha to beta and the slower theta frequency of deep sleep. Suitable for adults, children and babies. Also used by people who are frequent flyers, especially long haul.

These handmade sleep mats come in soft cream with the beautiful sacred geometry symbol of the Seed of Life stitched on the front. You have a choice of gold, silver, pale blue, pale pink, pale green and purple embroidery. The reverse of the mat is made from the softest organic brushed cotton.

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Gold, Pale Blue, Pale Green, Pale Pink, Purple, Silver

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve not been sleeping well for a while. I was waking up all the time and feeling restless. I’ve had my mat for a few weeks now and am definitely sleeping through and sleeping more deeply. I put the smartdot on my wifi router which is just underneath my bedroom and I now have a smartdot on my mobile and I wear a biodot all day. Seems to have made a huge difference to my sleep and my energy.

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