bioBAND, bioCLIP & bioTAG

Daily exposure to frequencies from our mobiles, computes, wi-Fi and other devices zaps your energy and can lead to symptoms of electrostress.  To recharge your batteries try one of these three starter packs.  Professional atheletes and thousands of customers use them to boost energy, sleep better and reduce recovery time.  Choose now to improve your performance and put a spring in your step.

bioTAG + smartDOT £35

bioBAND + smartDOT £35

bioCLIP + smartDOT £35

white biotag
grey bioband
blue bioclip




Wake up feeling revived and energised.

Just pick your colour and size.

Available in five colours; blue, white, purple, red and grey.

Sizes:  small (160mm), medium (180mm), large (200mm).

Extra large (220mm)is availabe in grey and white.

Feel your natural bounce all day.

Biotag is a silver plated metal disk with a biodot on the back.  Pick your colour and wear as a pendant or use the 6cm  provided to loop through a button hole, belt hook or bra strap.

Available in blue, white , pink or grey

Ready to recharge?

bioclip is a silver plated metal disk with a biotdot on the back.  Pick a colour and clip to whatever you are wearing.

Feel the buzz.

Available in blue, white, pink or grey.